Photo shoot

Photo shoot

1. Photo shoot

Items shot separately in Looklet studios on your location by 1–2 styling assistants. No need for hair&make, models, administrators, post-production etc.

The studio can be placed anywhere in the world, advantageously e.g. at your warehouse.

Keep track of your items with any unique ID you use in your system. Barcode or RFID.

Detail images

Detail images are an integrated part of our studio process. Showing fabric, material and pattern details give the customer a better understanding of the garment.

Image creation

Image creation

2. Image creation

Within minutes after being shot the item appears – ready to be styled – in the Look Creator, a customized cloud based software.

Choose model, body variation and facial expression and create infinite looks, with batch functionality.

You are in control of every image and make all of your styling decisions here.


All models can have any number of looks. Select from our library or get your custom choice of models.


We offer custom made female and male poses in all body shapes and variations.


All poses can be modified with dynamic body variations such as changing arms, hips, feet and facial expressions.


For more stylized images you can also apply backgrounds & effects.

Export and publish

Export and publish

3. Export and publish

Your looks are exported with one click to all of your platforms. Full body-size looks and cropped images, all in high resolution 2940×3600 pixels.

All images are exported as regular jpg files enriched with the metadata of your choice.

Our online Look creator supports all platforms.

Still life

As an add-on we offer still life images to deliver a full image solution. Having a wide range of varying images are proven to be a surplus value to customers leading to increased sales.