Powerful and user-friendly styling tool

To create fashion images you use our unique software. Once your processed products are approved, they are automatically integrated in the Looklet LookCreator software. You are instantly ready to start styling.

The software is designed to manage and produce thousands of images and to do so with consistent high quality. It is very user-friendly and you can keep track of all your created looks and exported images. We can also easily customize it to match the needs of your company.

Creative and flexible image creation

With our software it’s simple to create looks, and to be creative in the process. Choose model, including everything from hair style and make up to facial expressions, and combine your products in infinite combinations. You are in control of every image.

This way of work is much more flexible than normal product-on-model images since it allows you to quickly update your fashion images by replacing sold out products with ones that are in stock.

Download some examples here.


High-res output for your platforms

When you have completed your styling, all of the images for all the selected products are exported with just one click. Full body-size looks, cropped product images and detail images.

Everything is exported as regular jpgs in high resolution, up to 2940×3600 pixels. The images can be labeled and enriched with any data your system needs. These are now free for you to distribute onto all your different platforms, from product listings to your mobile solution.